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Ela Crain

Ela Crain is a Turkish-born British writer and life coach – or an 'inner-guide' in her own words. She has a BA in Archaeology & Anthropology, an MA in Film & Digital Media, and an MSc in Brain Sciences from University College London.

At the age of 23, Ela published her first book, and founded a video production company in London, where she worked with clients such as: M.A.C Cosmetics, Orange Mobile, Haymarket Publishing, Central YMCA, St. Tropez, and the Dragons’ Den star James Caan. She also produced a documentary in Kenya, aimed at raising awareness around children with AIDS, funded by Mac Aids Fund.

In 2008, Ela published a second book in Turkey, which examined the link between creativity and madness. The book resonated with young readers, and triggered a wave of rebellion against the rigid social norms of the country.

In 2013, Ela moved from London to Berlin, and founded a non-profit organization that helps writers kickstart their careers, Mash Stories . With its 69 voluntary staff, Mash Stories published over 2,200 hand-picked writers. It was listed among the Top 50 Websites in 2015 by Grey Goose Vodka, and took the second place in the Webby Awards in Social Media category.

Ela’s career as a life coach was kick-started by Gary Reid, a legendary success coach in Jack Canfield’s team. She started giving talks to raise awareness against the debilitating effects of perfectionism, and was invited to hold regular events at the largest startup community in Europe, Factory Berlin, where she held 42 workshops and talks within 3 months. She helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and creatives overcome perfectionism, procrastination, and self-sabotage. She also gave workshops on fine-tuning leadership skills, creating a passionate community, and wealth mindset.

In 2018, Ela moved to Los Angeles, and started PeacefulEase.com to help individuals nurture clarity for the mind and peace for the heart. Today, she holds private sessions to promote a stress-free life, flourishing with healthy relationships, and growing with boundless self-expression.

Ela currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Brian Fabian Crain, and pomeranian dog, Dakini. Get in touch with her, if you're willing to grow and express beyond your limitations.

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